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Aardingskussensloop roestvrijstaal met katoen en polyester
Earthing pillow case 2 years warranty!
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Earthing pillowcase double sided, stainless steel, 56x66 cm. For better facial skin and hair and reduction of jaw, neck and shoulder complaints

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This light gray double-sided earthing pillowcase is 56x66 cm and made of 34% very thin stainless steel fibers of surgical quality, 33% cotton and 33% polyester. The pillowcase is supplied as standard with a 5-meter connecting cable. You can connect the pillowcase to a ground rod or an earthing adapter. If you already use an earthing undersheet with an adapter, the pillowcase can also be connected in this adapter. If you use a ground rod for an earthing undersheet, you can order a splitter so that you can also connect the pillowcase to the ground rod. Never use 2 different connections.
This new pillowcase has been developed for a much longer lifespan. We therefore give an exceptional 2-year warranty provided that it is used and washed correctly. Stainless steel fibers are less vulnerable than silver fibers. The fabric creases slightly but you cannot feel it and it is not visible under your pillowcase. Use the pillowcase under your normal pillowcase. The skin gives off moisture and provides conductive channels and therefore a strong conduction without having to have direct skin contact with the earthing pillowcase.
Wash the earthing pillowcase at least once a month at 60 degrees Celsius with color detergent.
• Do not use white or universal laundry detergent as they often contain bleach or optical brighteners
• Do not use detergents for delicate washing or wool washing. These often contain too many oils.
• Do not use fabric softener • Do not use wax nuts, stain removers, soda, biotex or soap.
• Do not dry clean
• Fabric softener, body lotion and oil form a layer on the steel and can thus impede conductivity. The conductivity will ultimately be lost as a result.

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