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Earthing Nederland imports and sells the Earthing products of the American company Barefoot Sales Corp., a trade name of, founded by Clint Ober, the discoverer of Earthing™.
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Earthing® Product tester

€ 39,90

Price per piece

Earthing® Grounders | Flip flops

€ 29,50

Price per set

Earthing® Throw with EU adapter

€ 265,00

Price per piece

Earthing® patches 30 pieces

€ 21,00

€ 19,95

Price per piece

Earthing® patches 6 pieces

€ 5,40

€ 4,95

Price per piece

Earthing® Car/chair seat pad kit

€ 49,00

Price per piece

Earthing® Cover for Earthing mat (25x68)

€ 19,90

€ 13,90

Price per piece

For the many studies that have been done, see the American website

Earthing America has been producing Earthing products for over 15 years and is continuously improving them.
Quality, durability and safety are of paramount importance to them.

As cheap copies of all successful products, often from China, appear on the market, so too are Earthing's earthing products copied. 
All Earthing sheets with a rectangular pattern of 3-5% silver thread are Chinese imitations since Earthing USA stopped making this type of earthing sheet in 2016.
You will not receive any warranty on these earthing sheets and with normal use they will only work (conduct) for a limited number of months.

We can only guarantee the quality, durability, operation and safety of the original Earthing products and the Earthing products we produce under our own label. These are safe and of highest available quality, effectiveness and durability.

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