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Premium fitted undersheet, 90x210cm, with only a connection cable
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Premium fitted undersheet with connection cable to ground yourself while you are sleeping. Choose your further connection tool here

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We are proud to introduce a brand new grounding sheet that we produce under our own label, the Premium earthing undersheet!

It took more than 2 years to develop the patented fabric of the Premium earthing undersheet. The light gray fabric has a slight crease due to the use of solid surgical grade stainless steel fibers. It is designed in such a way that the guidance of the robust material is maximized but at the same time feels like linen, soft and flexible.

The advantages of the patented Premium earthing undersheet are:

  • contains 15% very fine surgical grade stainless steel fibers for optimal durability and guidance
  • contains 10% specially designed fibers with strong antibacterial effect for extra hygiene
  • contains 75% environmentally friendly Tencel, produced from FSC certified forest
  • can be used under your own favorite fitted sheet
  • stainless steel is not sensitive to acids or sulfur due to perspiration and skin fats and chemicals in care products
  • need to be washed less often, so less wear
  • specially designed for a much longer life, expected to be 5 years or more
  • 3-year warranty on wear and production errors and on the proper functioning (guiding) of the earthing sheet

The conductive part of this Premium earthing undersheet is 90x200cm.
The 90x200 cm fitted sheet has a 40 cm wide border around the edges, reinforced with a strong elastic band to keep it securely in place on your mattress underneath your ordinary bottom sheet.

The sheet is connected to the earth with the supplied special connection cable and either an adaptor or ground rod (choice above), to ground your body during your sleep. This is an ideal time to ground, because your body can recover best during sleep. This way you can naturally reduce complaints and improve the self-healing ability.

Health effects
Sleeping on a earthing sheet reduces stress in your body, you sleep deeper, you snore less and you wake up better rested. This improves your immune system, makes you feel better and makes you look better!

Look right below under "Grounding Can Help" for the many health benefits of sleeping on a grounding sheet.

Environmentally friendly Tencel
Tencel (or Lyocell) is a completely natural raw material, and is made in Austria from eucalyptus wood from sustainably managed forests. The production process is also very environmentally friendly. Tencel is as soft as silk, as easy to care for as acrylic, as cool and pleasant as linen, as warm as wool, and much more absorbent than cotton.

The universal grounding sheet can be placed on a mattress of a single bed or a double bed
The universal grounding sheet is suitable for every single mattress.
With a double bed, the grounding sheet can be placed across the mattress and tucked on both sides of the mattress. You can also choose to lay it lengthwise for one person, so that it is grounded to the maximum. If both people want to sleep grounded and be grounded to the maximum, you need two universal earthing bottom sheets or two single fitted sheets (90 x 210cm) or one of the double fitted sheet variants (140cm, 160cm or 180cm wide).

How to use
You can place the Premium universal earthing sheet under your own fitted sheet, just like with our silver earthing sheet. The moisture from your skin creates conduction through your own fitted sheet to the grounding sheet, so you are grounded without the need for direct skin contact with the grounding sheet.
Because skin fats and perspiration are initially collected by your own fitted sheet, the conductivity remains optimal for longer. As a result, it needs to be washed less often, once every 1 to 2 months. All this greatly benefits the lifespan.
For good conductivity, we recommend using a fitted sheet made of a natural fiber, such as cotton, viscose or Tencel, with little or no synthetic component, such as polyester.

3-year warranty
Unique: 3-year warranty on wear and production errors and on the proper functioning of the Premium earthing undersheet.
We provide a 3-year warranty on this Premium earthing undersheet for wear and production defects, provided that the maintenance instructions, which are included in the plastic cover of thePremium earthing undersheet, have been followed. This unique warranty covers not only all manufacturing defects but also the proper functioning (conducting), so the effective grounding of your Premium earthing undersheet!
The expected life is 5 years or more.

To test
Test your Premium earthing undersheet with a half price product tester!
With your Premium earthing undersheet you have the opportunity to order a product tester with a curly cord for half price: for 19.95 instead of 39.90. Then add this above to your Premium earthing undersheet. This way you can see that you are also properly grounded if you lie on your own fitted sheet with your Premium earthing undersheet underneath (the same also applies to the pillowcase). You can also always and everywhere test whether everything is properly connected.

Connecting to earth
You connect the Premium earthing undersheet using the supplied 5-meter long special connection cable via a specially designed adapter to the protective earth of a grounded socket (not to the electricity) or to a groundrod, which you put outside in the ground.

If you do not yet have a ground rod or adapter, you must order them above under "choose further connection tool".
The adapter is a specially designed plastic plug with two metal grounding strips, which in a grounded outlet only makes contact with the earth and not with the electricity. The adapter has the option of a second and third connection.

If you have the choice between using a ground rod and an adapter, we recommend the use of a ground rod for the Premium earthing undersheet, especially for people who are (highly) sensitive.

Wash the Premium earthing undersheet in the washing machine at 40 to 60 degrees with a colored detergent. Do not use detergent that contains bleaches or optical brighteners, as they may reduce the antibacterial effect.
Use a program for delicates with a low spin speed (max. 600 rpm).
We recommend spinning at a low speed, as this unique fabric with the very fine stainless steel fibers wrinkles severely when spun at high speeds.

Hang it to dry and stretch it by hand to make the material as smooth as possible. Grasp the edges and stretch it bit by bit over the full length in both directions. You can also iron it at medium temperature for a slightly smoother surface.
An extensive washing instruction is included with every earthing sheet.

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Mirjam - 20-09-2020 19:08

Super blij mee! Nadat ik het voor mijzelf had gekocht heb ik het nu ook voor mijn zoontje gekocht. Ik zie duidelijke vermindering/verdwijnen van klachten. Echt het beste wat ik ooit gekocht heb.

Donald Lucassen - 22-06-2020 12:23

Ben zeer tevreden over het nieuw laken werkt sterker dan het vorige met zilverdraad wat ook goed was.



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