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Therapeuten aardingsmat 60x150cm
Earthing mat for therapists with cable and EU adapter
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Earthing mat for therapists (60x150cm) with cable and EU adapter to ground you and/or your client during treatment.

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Reduce more than 95% of the AC Voltage on your body and / or body of your client during the treatment with the aid of a therapeutic Earthing mat!

The therapeutic Earthing mat is made of conductive rubber and grounds your client and/or yourself while you work. The mat is (just like the universal Earthing mat) attached with a connection cable (4.5m) to a ground rod or a special EU earthing plug that will only have a connection to the earth in a earthed socket (so absolutely no contact with the electricity!)

The therapeutic Earthing mat (60x150) is ideal to treat a client earthed. Place it on the floor to put your bare feet on it to earth while you work or on a treatment table with a thin sheet on it to earth your client during their treatment.

At home and at your workplace you continuously work in an electromagnetic field. Because of this radiation we are electrically charged, tired and many people get headaches, concentration problems etc.

By placing a therapeutic Earthing mat that is connected to the earth on your treatment table with a thin sheet to cover it, your client will be grounded because he/she will start to perspire and the sheet will start conducting because of the perspiration. Because of this the client will be directly electrically discharged and because of this connection with the earth, he/she will be protected against the electromagnetic radiation and the cortisol and stress level will go down. For massage therapists, the therapist will also be continuously grounded because of the continuous contact with the client. The therapist can also choose to put the mat on the floor next to the treatment table to make contact with it with bare feet while he/she works. Therapists that work grounded, report that they are less tired and are able to work better. Also several therapists report that they are able to do more treatments in a day.

In addition, being connected with the earth promotes the right brain, our creative brain, and brings our left brain, our analytical brain more to rest.

The therapeutic Earthing mat is less suitable for use in bed, because of the rubber you will start to perspire more. Also it is not convenient to lie in bed on a big rubber mat.

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Marian - 11-08-2019 09:30

Gebruiken hem voor mediteren super

Frank Eising - 13-07-2019 11:29

-ideaal om dwars op bed te leggen.
-geleid veel beter dan een (onder) laken.
-word veel minder snel vies en
-er is geen of veel minder zweet nodig om het te laten geleiden.
-ligt prettig (want mat is niet te dun en niet te dik)

de mat geleid al uitstekend als je er op staat (getest met multimeter). Met de blote rug erop is het best, op de zij werkt het ook.



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