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Earthing wristband with coil cord and EU adapter for wrist or ankle 5 1
Earthing wristband with coil cord and EU adapter for wrist or ankle
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Earthing wristband with coil cord (5,5 m.) and EU adapter for wrist or ankle

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Earthing band with coil cord and EU earthing plug for the wrist or ankle to earth your body with the help of a band (strap).

If you already have an EU earthing plug or you want to connect the band with the help of an ground rod, you should order the Earthing band with only the coil cord and order a ground rod with it.

The band is elastic and adjustable and contains conductive silver wires on the inside so that the body is grounded when the cable is plugged in an grounded outlet or connected to an ground rod.

The band is orange in color.

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Super ! Zodra ik "aangesloten" stond, was het effekt meteen te voelen door mijn hele lichaam. Ik voelde direkt al (paar uur) dat ik meer in evenwicht ben en in mijn kracht sta. Toppie !

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