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Earthing helps improve blood flow, counteracts blood clotting and helps lower (high) blood pressure.

Palpitations, chest pain, shortness of breath, coughing, nausea, pain in the abdomen and vomiting, swelling at the ankle, wrist or shin, shooting pains in the arms or legs can indicate blood clots interfering with circulation.
Earthing causes the electrical voltage of the red blood cells to normalise. Compare it to magnets: the north poles of two magnets repel each other and cannot be pushed against each other.

The surface of red blood cells carries a negative electrical charge that maintains the distance between cells in the bloodstream. The stronger the negative charge, the greater the potential of the cells to repel each other, the better the viscosity (thinner!) of the blood and the better the flow. This potential is called the zeta potential.

The picture shows the effect of grounding on the zetapotential of red blood cells, taken from one of 10 participants in an experiment published in 2013. The participants were grounded for two hours using earthing patches (electrodes ) placed on the bottoms of both feet and the palms of the hands, and connected by a wire to a grounding pin placed in the ground outside.
In the experiment, a single drop of blood was taken from each participant before and at the end of the grounding session.

On the left, you can see the aggregation of red blood cells (clumping) before earthing.
On the right, you can see that the aggregation decreased significantly after the grounding session: the improved zeta potential either the aggregation of red blood cells (less clumping) and better flow of red blood cells.

The change indicates a greater negative surface charge on red blood cells, as a result of earthing, which has a stronger zeta potential and a blood 'thinning' effect.

With grounding, the electrical voltage of the red blood cells optimises and blood flows more smoothly through the veins.

Thicker blood viscosity is associated with a number of medical conditions, including high blood pressure, cholesterol, accelerated ageing and diabetes mellitus.
If you are taking medication to improve your blood flow and prevent blood clots and are going to start earthing, we recommend being in touch with the doctor or specialist prescribing the medication.


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