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The product tester can easily determine wether the Earthing product is connected correctly and if it is working. This works with both the EU adapter and the ground rod

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The product tester can easily check if the Earthing product and the connection cables are connected properly, conduct well and work well. This can be used when connected to the earth in an grounded outlet as well as with the use of a ground rod.

When using the EU earthing plug, plug the cable of the tester in the EU earthing plug where the Earthing product also has been connected to and place the tester on the product you want to test. A green light will illuminate to confirm that your product and the cables are working properly. When using the ground pin you can use the product tester to see if the sheet / mat with pin is grounded. For this purpose, place the product tester on the Earthing product and connect the end of the cord to an grounded surface: outside on the earth, or inside on an unpainted heating pipe, water pipe or running water. If you have an Earthing plug, you can put the end into the plug which is connected to the grounded outlet. If the light illuminates, it is earthed.

This way you can also check if the earthed contact from an outlet is connected with for instance the earth outside or the radiator for heating or running water from the tap. If that is the case, the green light will illuminate and you will know that the earthed contact from the outlet is actually earthed. After all, then it is in contact with the earth outside or radiator or the water pipe, which all are grounded.

For a detailed manual of the product tester check the FAQ under the section products.

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