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Shielding sleepset for one person
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Universal silver Earthingsheet, a Premium Earthing pillowcase and a silver Earthing duvet cover for one person

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This Shielding sleeping set is composed of the following products:
1 universal Earthing undersheet and 1 Premium Earthing pillowcase and 1 silver Earthing duvet cover
You have a 2 year warranty on all products!

With the shielding sleeping set you sleep grounded and you protect yourself for 99% against high -or radio frequency radiation.

By sleeping on an earthing sheet with an earthing pillowcase you are grounded. And by adding an earthing duvet cover you also block 99% (high frequency) radiation. With this shielding sleeping set you sleep in an almost radiation free cocoon.

This is the upgrade of the Recovery bag that we used to sell.

Made from the same fabric that our silver grounding undersheets are made of. For more information on the fabric, see Sleeping on Silver.

The universal earthing undersheet is 100x340cm, of which 100x200cm with 50% silver thread, with connecting cable, for under your fitted sheet to ground yourself while you sleep.
The universal grounding sheet is suitable for any single mattress.
With a double bed, the grounding sheet can be placed across the mattress and tucked in on both sides of the mattress. You will both sleep grounded, but the shielding is then not complete, because not the entire body is protected. If both people want to sleep grounded and experience maximum shielding, you need two universal grounding undersheets or one of the double fitted sheet variants (140cm, 160cm or 180cm wide).

The Premium Earthing pillowcase with stainless steel fibers, you use under your own pillowcase, just like with our Earthing undersheets.
Because skin fats and perspiration are initially absorbed by your own pillowcase, the conductivity remains optimal. This means that it needs to be washed less often, once a month. All this greatly benefits the lifespan.
For good conductivity, we recommend using a pillowcase that is made of a natural fiber, such as cotton, viscose or Tencel, and with little or no synthetic component, such as polyester.

The grounding duvet cover feels silky soft and light. You use it over your duvet and under your duvet cover.
We supply a 5 meter connecting wire and washing instructions with the duvet cover as standard.
The shielding sleeping set can be connected to a single earth plug or to a ground rod with two splitters.

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