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 In a high-tech age, why is the concept of Earthing so important?
 Why does the Earth’s electric field transfer so easily to the body?
 How long does it take before I notice the difference when I start Earthing?
 What to do if Earthing doesn't seem to be working?
  Are there people who sleep grounded and don’t feel anything, or for whom grounding doesn’t work?
 Can I over-Earth myself? I sleep on a full body Earthing sheet and also at times use the Earthing mat on the floor at my computer. I noticed that my toes and fingers have become very sensitive. Last night I did not earth myself and my toes are fine.
 Do I have to be concerned about being hit by lightning during a thunderstorm if I am grounded in my home?
 Why is there a 100,000 Ohm resistor in the connection cable and adapter?
 Can I wear any type of footwear and still be earthed?
 Why should I buy any Earthing product, like a sheet or a mat, when I can simply go barefoot?
 How do I know if my wall outlet is grounded?
 If the power goes off in my house, will I still be grounded sleeping on my Earthing sheet? Is it, no power no ground?
 Doesn't my Earthing product absorb EMFs like an antenna?
 Does Earthing have a protective effect on electic fields?
 I just started sleeping grounded and feel a bit strange. What could that be from?
 I have noticed tingling in my feet for the first few nights I’ve been sleeping grounded. Should I be concerned?
 Can I wear pajamas when I sleep on an Earthing sheet?
  I started sleeping on an Earthing sheet and noticed that I feel warmer. What’s going on?
 I enjoy the feel of plush cotton sheets. Can I put the Earthing sheet underneath my regular sheet?
 Is it OK to use an Earthing sleeping product along with an electric blanket or on an electrically heated mattress pad or waterbed?
 How does Earthing help me feel better and my body's ability to heal?
 Can Earthing add years to my life?
 I use blood thinning medication. Can I start Earthing with no problems?
 Can Earthing products be used by people with a pacemaker?
 Can Earthing protect me from cell phone frequencies?
 What is the difference between the Earthing technology and the use of magnets?
 What are the care instructions for my Earthing undersheets and Earthing duvet cover?
 Do I need to wash my Earthing undersheet or Shielding duvet cover before I start using it?
 What is the expected longevity for the Earthing undersheets?
 How do I take care of the Throw?
 What are the care instructions of my Premium pillow case
 What are the care instructions of my Canvas grounding mat, Chair pad
 What are the care instructions for the Earthing XL and universal mat with conductive black vinyl?
 What are the care instructions of the Earthing wristband?
 My pet likes to sleep on an earthing sheet. Can it hurt?
 Do Earthing products run on electricity?
 If I place a ground rod in the earth outdoors is it OK if it gets rained on?
 Can I become electrocuted by an Earthing product?
 Can I wear socks when using an Earthing mat on the floor?
 Can I leave my Earthing product plugged in the wall outlet when I am not using it?
 Operating instructions product tester and Earthing Multimeter
 What are the paying possibilities?
 What are the shipping costs?
 How long will it take to get my order delivered?
 What are the delivery options?
 What are the return options?
 What happens to my complaint?
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