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Slightly damaged earthing mat with EU connection set. With a € 13 discount!
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OFFER: This universal earthing mat (32x74cm) is slightly damaged by storage. This only concerns visual damage, the product functions optimally.

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This universal earthing mat (32x74cm) is slightly damaged by storage. It is only visual damage, the product functions optimally. The EU connection set consists of a connection cable and a grounding plug.

Reduce more than 95% of the AC Voltage on your body while working with the computer or watching TV using a universal Earthing mat.

Working at the computer with an earthing mat gives you less stress and helps you to work concentrated longer and being less exhausted at the end of the day.

The Earthing Universal Mat is made of conductive black vinyl and will ground you while you work. It has a leather look top and can be cleaned easily with a wet cloth.

The universal Earthing mat (32x74cm) is ideal for working and watching TV grounded. Place it on the floor and put your bare feet on it, or place it on the desk under your keyboard for your hand, wrist or forearm to be grounded while you work. The side where the cable will have to be connected has to be up. If you place the Earthing mat under the keyboard, it will stick out enough to use the remaining part as a mouse mat.
At home and in the office we continuously work in an electromagnetic field. Because of this radiation we become electrically charged, tired and many people suffer from headaches, concentration problems etc.

In 2007, a group of researched from the Imperial College in London and the institute for health sciences at the university of Washington reported that the measurements in an office environment showed that the electrical energy under which people have been exposed for a long time, increase the risk of infections, stress and degenerative diseases and reduce the absorption of oxygen and activity.

By placing a universal Earthing mat under your keyboard and mouse that is connected to the earth and making contact with the mat with your wrists or fore arms, you are directly electrically discharged and this bond with the earth protects you against electromagnetic radiation. This of course also happens when you make contact with your bare feet while you work.

People who work in front of the computer grounded, report that they have fewer headaches and concentration problems, become less tired and are able to work better. Also some authors who previously could only write for a few hours, now report that they can work for a much longer duration behind their computers.

In addition being connected with the earth promotes the right brain, our creative brain, and brings our left brain, our analytical brain, more to rest.

The universal Earthing mat is also ideal to use when you are just watching TV, it is important that you are not significantly recharged by electromagnetic radiation just before you go to sleep. Doing this will increase stress and does not promote sleep. However, if you make contact with the Earthing sheet for instance with your bare feet, the stress level will go down and you will not be charged by all electromagnetic radiation. This not only promotes health but you will also go to bed with less stress in your body.

Connecting to the earth
The mat comes with a connection cable (5m), connected to a special EU earthing plug which in a grounded outlet will only make contact with the earth (and definitely not with the electricity!). This special earthing plug has the possibility for a second connection.
If you would rather choose for a connection via the ground rod, then you can order it below.
In this case you will also need the earthing plug for the times that you want to connect the Earthing mat somewhere else. If you do not want to receive the earthing plug (because you already have it, or because you want to order an ground rod without an earthing plug) you can order the Earthing mat with only a connection cable below.

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Yvonne - 07-11-2021 20:28

Beschadiging valt mee, moet heel goed zoeken om het te vinden .
Handig voormaat. Heb het onder mijn eettafel liggen en kan er mijn voeten opzetten vanuit elk stoel. De hond ligt nu ook graag aan mijn voeten.
Wij hebben beiden meer energie!



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