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Home Pain

Pain is often the result of (localised) inflammation. If we take away the cause of the inflammation, this will also reduce pain.
Earthing reduces the cause of inflammation and will therefore also result in a reduction in pain.

The inflammatory response produces the familiar symptoms of inflammation: swelling, heat and pain, redness and, depending on the spot, a restriction of movement.

When there is a problem somewhere in the body, white blood cells and other special cells rush to that spot, as an initial response.
Some of those cells then release free radicals, which help break down the invading microorganisms and damaged tissue. Free radicals are positively charged molecules (lacking one or more electrons) that are always looking for free electrons. Normally, they take these missing electrons away from the invaders and damaged tissue, killing these unwanted guests or breaking down the damaged cells to be disposed of.

At the end of this repair process, the excess free radicals must be neutralized by antioxidants or free electrons in the body.
If too few free electrons are available in the body, the free radicals can attack healthy tissue, which in turn triggers an inflammatory response.
This creates a vicious cycle of chronic inflammation, the cause of many modern-day chronic and autoimmune diseases and an accelerated aging process.

Earth electrons are potent antioxidants and flow into the body as soon as physical contact is made with the earth. These electrons remove excess free radicals and clear away inflammation. 
The symptoms of inflammation diminish or disappear completely.  
With physical contact with the earth, we support our own health.  

Sleeping grounded has the advantage that you absorb electrons throughout the night. The more body surface that is grounded, the more electrons flow into the body. At night, your body heals from the previous day's activities and this healing process becomes many times more effective with grounded sleep.

Earthing patches and wrapping bands can be used to combat local pain, in combination with grounded sleep. Several studies have shown that earthing can very effectively relieve chronic inflammation and pain. Earthing has a beneficial effect no matter where you ground your body, but relief from chronic inflammation and pain has been found to be faster if you ground directly near the inflammation or pain. The earthing wrapping bands and patches are ideally suited for this purpose. For application, see under products.

With the Earthing Pillow Case you easily combat head, neck and shoulder complaints.

Earthing will reduce the cause of inflammation and so earthing will also reduce pain.
The book ‘Earthing’ and www.earthinginstitute.net also describe many of the experiences of people around the world whose quality of life changed dramatically after they started grounding. They were able to leave years of chronic pain behind and resume normal activities.

Some experiences:

“Working on cars for a living is brutal on the hands and body. But that’s what I was doing for years until rheumatoid arthritis put me out of action. (1993…) Meanwhile, my sleep was disturbed from the pain and my performance at work was suffering. The disease was taking the fun and purpose out of my life. I began taking massive amounts of ibuprofen. (…) I increased the daily doses to as much as 3,000mg. I lived like this for five years. In 2005 I was forced to retire because of the constant pain and inflammation in my hands. It was impossible to continue my work. A couple of years before, I had been given a grounded bed pad as a gift, but I was too skeptical. I stashed it in the closet. It sounded too weird to me. After the pain forced me to stop working, I was willing to try anything. I found the bed pad in the closet and started sleeping grounded. I only wish I had done that before. I experienced a change after the very first night. I had the best night’s sleep in years! The inflammation and pain eased a lot within a few days, and after four weeks the pain was gone!
Awhile later, I went back to see my doctor. (….) She said that I looked like a new person. She did x-rays on my hands and could not find any inflammation. She commented that the new medications must have been really working. When I told her that I had not been taking any of the medications but just sleeping grounded, she looked puzzled.”
Steve Garner, 52 years old, West Valley city, Utah, auto technician.

“The results of using the earthing sheet were very surprising to me. I had muscle pain in my neck and between my shoulder blades every day. Now that I sleep grounded, I wake up in the morning feeling rested, fresh and I no longer have that pain in my neck and between my shoulder blades. The most valuable result for me is the peace I experience when I get up in the morning. I am a stressed person, but the earthing sheet has such a calming effect on me and I deal with my stress so differently that my husband also noticed it clearly. "
Wendy (Simi Valley, CA)