Silver fitted undersheet, 90 cm wide, with only a connection cable

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Silver fitted undersheet, 90 cm wide, with only a connection cable

Silver fitted undersheet 90x210cm with 50% silver fibre with connecting cord to ground yourself while you are sleeping. Result: you sleep better, wake up more refreshed and you snore less. Read more

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Product description

Earthing Nederland introduces a complete new grounding sheet: the Silver Fitted Undersheet.

The advantages of the new Silver Undersheet are:
* contains 50% high quality silver fibre

* stronger antibacterial activity
* can be put under your own favorite fitted sheet
* much less vulnerable for sweat and skin oils
* specialy designed for much better longevity

* less washing means longer lifespan of your sheet
* Tencel is one of the best threads available for the environment
* 2 year warrantee on production errors

Sleeping on a Silver Undersheet reduces stress in the body, improves blood circulation, reduces chronic inflammation and improves sleep, to feel better and look better!

The Silver fitted undersheet is 90cm wide and 210cm long and has a board and elastine to fit on your 180x200cm, 180x210cm or 180x220cm mattress.
The conductive part is made of 50% silver fiber (from France) with 50% Tencel (Lyocell, from Austria). The amount of silver fiber is 15 to 30 times as much as in the regular earthing sheets.

See the page SLEEPING ON SILVER for the differences with traditional earthing sheets.

The Silver fitted undersheet will be connected with the included 5 meter long special connection cable on a ground rod outdoors or a specially designed plastic plug with two metal earth strips (the EU Earthing adapter, which only make contact with the earth and not with the current in an grounded outlet. This special earthing plug has the possibility for a second connection.)
If you don't have a ground rod or an EU Earthing adapter, you should order this above at "your further connection tool".

The silver fitted undersheet must be put underneath your own (fitted) sheet, so it is less vulnerable for sweat, body oils, creams, shampoos. Therefor it doesn't need to be washed as often.
This results in a much better longevity.
For good conductivity, we advise to use a regular (fitted) sheet made of natural fibres, like cotton, viscose or Tencel with little or no synthetic component (like polyester).

We give a 2 year warranty on production errors on all our silver under sheets.
Our Silver fitted undersheets have a 2-year warranty and they are designed as an underlay. You don’t need direct skin contact. We give a Repair or Replace Warranty on the basis that your product is used and cared for in accordance with the care instructions in the product guide included with your product. This is not just a warranty on defects such as sewing, but real conductive earthing effectiveness! Our warranty does not cover cosmetic imperfections that may appear after normal use.

Conitinuity tester for half price
You can order a continuity tester for half price together with a silver fitted undersheet. With this tester you can see that you are well grounded when you lay on your own fitted sheets with underneath a grounded silver undersheet. And you can always and everywhere test whether everything is connected correctly.

The Silver fitted undersheet may be machine washed using warm setting, 105-140 degrees Fahrenheit (40-60 Celsius). Drying preferably on a line or tumble dry using medium setting, up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit (65 Celsius). For more detailed washing instructions click on the FAQ tab and look under "products".

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Silver fitted undersheet, 90 cm wide, with only a connection cable
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Heeft m’n leven en gezondheid veranderd. Ik was erg ziek en dit heeft mijn gezondheid sterk bespoedigd. Al meer dan tien jaar slaap ik slecht. Ik heb echt bijna alles geprobeerd. Maar dit werkt gewoon. Nu slaap ik veel beter. Wat een verademing! Ik kan en wil niet meer zonder.

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