Earthing can be a gift for children with AD (H) D!

ADHD is a collective abbreviation for a cluster of behavioral symptoms. If some of these symptoms occur, it is called ADHD. Most characteristic are being focused and easily distracted (attention problems), making rash decisions and taking action too quickly (impulsivity) and being physically overactive, or at least restless (hyperactivity). ADHD without hyperactivity is also called ADD.

Using the universal earthing mat at the computer during the day reduces stress on the body. And by using an earthing undersheet, children get the opportunity to discharge stress and fatigue at night, so that they are rested during the day and can concentrate better. In general, children seem to benefit greatly from this.

Using earthing products is beneficial for every child. Some children benefit more from it than others. In general, it can be stated that by feeling more calm and releasing unnecessary tension, every child will certainly feel more comfortable and calmer. The child will gain strength and continue to feel more confident.
The great thing about the earthing products is that using them will support any other therapy!

Of course there are also other points of interest that can help:
Plenty of exercise, not too much at the computer (especially before going to sleep!). Turning the mobile phone and Wi-Fi off at night. Food and drink adjustments can also be helpful.

Dutch scientist Lidy Pelsser has conducted a major study of the relationship between diet and ADHD published in the authoritative medical journal The Lancet. Never before had such extensive research been done into the treatment of ADHD. And never before had the relationship between diet and ADHD been so clearly demonstrated.

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