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Earthing improves metabolism and reduces stress, two factors that promote weight loss. 

Earthing improves metabolism
Tests show that if you sleep on earthing undersheet, the metabolic process will function better, making it easier to lose weight.
Earthing reduces stress (see below the research showing that stress can lead to weight gain in women) and allows for a more natural development of Cortisol levels.

The hormone cortisol causes the blood sugar level to rise, which gives you energy and stamina. Cortisol stimulates your appetite and ensures fat storage. Cortisol is an important hormone that gives the body energy in stressful situations, for example it ensures that you can fend yourself or run away from danger. The body also produces cortisol during other forms of stress, such as excessive work pressure or illness, but also, for example, too little sleep, an unhealthy diet, being worried or too much exercise. If you continuously suffer from stress, an excessive release of cortisol can lead to gain weight and you can even end up in a burnout.
Excessive insulin and / or cortisol production in the body causes an imbalance in the hormone systems. And this almost always results in an increase in belly fat. If you produce too much cortisol, you also often have a somewhat round face, a thicker neck and more fat on your upper arms.

An experiment with rats, divided into a grounded group and a group not grounded, shows that the grounded group of rats was found to have about 11% less weight after 1 year than the not grounded group. Both groups were fed the exact same diet. The only difference is that the cage of one group was grounded and the other group was not.

Few tests have been done with groups of people, but we regularly hear that people find it easier to lose weight after they start grounding. In addition to a better functioning metabolism and a more natural cortisol level, you have less of a need to eat (snack) in between.

An American physician, Laura Koniver, conducted a 12-week study in 2012 into the relationship between earthing and weight. Participants were asked to touch the earth bare-skinned for a minimum of 2 times daily for a period of 10 weeks. This was allowed outdoors with bare feet or indoors with the help of an earthing product from Earthing. Weekly, changes were tracked in weight, pain, stress, sleep, energy level and overall mood.

After 10 weeks of earthing for at least 2 times 30 minutes per day, 100% of the participants reported:
* an improved activity level
* a reduced stress level
* a more normal appetite and reduced urge to snack
and 75% of the participants reported in addition:
* improved sleep
* improved mood
* improved energy level
* reduction of chronic pain problems
And what was special: participants with chronic pain problems had less pain, participants without pain problems lost weight.
The elektrons of the earth find their way to the spot which has the highest priority to solve in a grounded body. 

Two-thirds of the participants who had little or no chronic pain problems at the start of the study were those who had marked change in their weight. Most lost 2 to 6 kg in just 10 weeks, changing nothing in their way of life other than just grounding (so no diet and no extra exercise).
Of course, we recommend a healthy lifestyle in addition to grounding if you want to lose weight.

Stress slows down the metabolism
Stress can slow down women's metabolism and lead to weight gain. This is shown by a study by Ohio State University.
The study involved 58 women with an average age of 53.
They came to the clinic twice a day to eat a 930-calorie meal comparable to a quick fast-food bite, such as burgers and fries.
One meal contained a lot of saturated fat, the other more unsaturated fat. In addition, they were asked how much they had moved the 24 hours before the meal, how they had felt and whether any stressful things had happened.
Energy consumption:
Just before the meal, the participants were allowed to rest for half an hour and their energy consumption was measured. After eating, their metabolism was measured for seven hours by their inhaled and exhaled air and their blood values.
Women who had experienced stress the day before a meal were found to consume 104 fewer calories than relaxed participants. In addition, the stressed women had more insulin in their blood, which contributes to fat storage. What meal they had eaten made little difference.
The results of the research have been published in the journal Biological Psychiatry.
Concluding: because earthing lowers stress levels, the metabolic process will improve, consuming more calories and depositing less fat. This promotes weight loss!

Our advice is to ground as much as possible, so both grounded sleep at night with the help of an earthing sheet and during the day when stress at work with the help of an earthing mat.
And if possible, go outside once in a while barefoot: wonderfully relaxing!