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Earthing reduces inflammation and inflammation is the course of many diseases. That is the main conclusion of 20 studies that were published in medical literature.
In this documentary, Clint Ober, who discovered Earthing, comes to another conclusion: Earthing is the cheapest way do work on your health. Not everybody knows this yet, but there will be a time .......
In the United States there has been a lot of research.
In the Earthing studies, as well as the feedback from thousands of individuals who have grounded themselves, we have consistent evidence of people whose pain was reduced. Such reduction of pain is evidence (but not proof) that inflammation is reduced. However, the studies point clearly in that direction.
See a  list of studies (website

A filmmaker from Haines, Alaska, wants to know if it is true that making physical contact with the earth has healing properties. "Grounded" is a film about what is maybe the most important health (re)discovery. It changes the way how you look at the Earth beneath your feet.
Watch the trailer of the movie "Grounded".

Grounding speeds athletic recovery and healing.
Grounding Tour de France Cyclists.

Read the article of Dr. Mercola "Fight Inflammation and Chronic Disease by Walking Barefoot on the Earth" with the documentary Down to Earth. Speakers are Clint Ober, Dr. Stephen Sinatra, Dr. Mercola and Dr. Koniver
"Earthing is the most primitive, easy and inexpensive way to optimize your health"
Dr. Stephen Sinatra, Cardiologist and co-author of the book "Earthing, the most important health discovery ever?"

Watch a short  video from Dr. Stephen Sinatra about Aarden, Earthing™

Watch a rapportage from Healing Quest, that was broadcasted on many American television channels.

“Earthing is a revolutionairy health breakthrough that will change your life. Read the book, gete grounded and start the process of breaking the stress and illness cycle.”
Martin Gallagher, M.D., D.C., author of Dr.Gallagher’s Guide to 21st Century Medicine

“Most people want the most health benefits for the least amount of work. This is it! Earthing gives you more benefits for the least work. There is no work!”
David wolfe, M.S., author of Superfoods: The Food and Medicine of the Future

Watch the video Mind Blowing Experiment of David Wolfe about Earthing and protection against all kind of EMF
Watch another video of David Wolfe about Earthing and protection against EMF
Watch a video of David Wolfe about Earthing and reducing chronical inflammation, the cause of many diseases
Watch a video of David Wolfe  about Earthing and recovery from DOMS, creativity, health and anti-aging
Watch a video of David Wolfe about Earthing and thinning blood 
Watch a video of David Wolfe about Earthing and reducing pain (the part about Earthing starts after about 2 minutes)

“The feedback from patients is now so strong that I know predictably, as a doctor, this will change a person's life.”
David Gernsten, M.D., author of Are You Getting Enlightened or Losing your Mind?

“Earthing ranks right up there with teh discovery of penicillin. This book is probably the most important health read of the twenty first century.”
Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D., author of The Fat Flush Plan



Radio interview Frontier Radio met Jan van Stiphout van Earthing Nederland.
Opgenomen op 21 april 2014 op de Frontier Gezondheidsbeurs.
Luister hier naar het interview.


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