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More and more people fatigued

More and more people are (chronically) tired these days. One of the reasons is that we live and work continuously in an environment with electromagnetic radiation. Due to the electrical wiring and devices, an alternating current (AC)voltage is continuously applied to our body through induction. This is unnatural and our body experiences stress. This causes the energy from our important organs to go to our limbs (the fight or flight response).

The adrenal glands are located on the kidneys and play a major role in the endocrine (hormonal) system. They produce a lot of hormones. They are therefore responsible for, among other things, our energy production, metabolism, the immune system, blood sugar, fat storage and how we deal with stress.

The adrenal glands first increase their production of cortisol in response to a stress response. Cortisol raises blood sugars and often blood pressure. The longer the stress lasts, the more and more the adrenal glands become exhausted and therefore produce less cortisol, which makes you tired and all kinds of other vague complaints.
They can no longer perform their duties properly. Ultimately resulting in, among other things, (extreme) fatigue.

If we now ground ourselves whilst working at the computer and during our sleep, we will lower the AC voltage on our body by more than 90%. As a result, our stress level goes down. The cortisol level will also slowly regain a more natural course. As a result, we will slowly regain more energy and our immune system will start working better again.

Due to the fact that earthing helps inflammation to decrease, the immune system functions way better and the body spends less energy on it.
Pain arises in our body in places where an inflammatory reaction has taken place. Often the inflammation has not completely disappeared after the healing process. Low-grade inflammation, which is often unrecognized, can go on for years, damage healthy tissue and waste energy. Earthing can break this process and thus improve the energy level. This will reduce fatigue.

Earthing makes the blood flow better and transports more oxygen. This means more oxygen to and better nutrition of the cells. This will give someone more energy.

People also sleep deeper and rest better if they have a grounded sleep. This also ensures that people who sleep grounded, have more energy.

We are regularly told that people, after they have started with earthing, feel like a completely different person and are much more eager to do things.
"Earthing has changed my life" is a common saying!

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