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Home FAQ about earthing or grounding and our customer service
 What is earthing or grounding?
 Is grounding or earthing a new concept?
 How can I ground myself outside if I don’t have grass?
 How quickly will earthing work?
 If I’m grounded and touch someone’s skin, will they be grounded too?
 Is there anything I can do to enhance conductivity?
 Am I grounded in water?
 Can I sleep too many hours while grounded?
 Am I grounded when I touch a tree?
 Will using earthing products raise my electric bill?
 Can I be grounded too much?
 Can you wear shoes and be grounded?
 Do the floors in my house ground me if I’m barefoot?
 What surfaces will ground me? Which surfaces won’t?
 How much current is being transferred from the earth’s surface through the wire to an earthing product?
 Why is it that earthing is protective of electrical and electromagnetic fields?
 How do I take care of my silver-threaded earthing sheet, duvet cover and wrapping band
 How do I take care of my Premium undersheet, Premium pillowcase and canvas earthing mat?
 What material is the Elite Sleep Mat and Elite Pillowcover made out of and how do I take good care for it?
 How do I take care of the Throw?
 What are the care instructions for the Universal Earthing® mat, the Universal Earthing® floor mat and the Earthing® mat for meditation/animals?
 What are the care instructions of the earthing wristband?
 Where should I place the Earthing® patches?
 How long can I leave an Earthing® patch on for?
 What are the operating instructions product tester and earthing multimeter
 My pet likes to sleep on an earthing sheet. Can it hurt?
 Should I unplug the earthing products when I’m not using them?
 Can I wear socks when I’m using the Universal Earthing® mat under my feet?
 Can I plug my earthing adapter into the outlet on a (house)boat?
 Is there a difference in grounding when you’re touching the earth versus an earthing product?
 Why do I need earthing products if I can just go barefoot on the earth?
 Can I ground myself outside by wearing electrostatic discharge (ESD) footwear?
 I just started sleeping grounded and feel a bit strange. What could that be from?
 I have noticed tingling in my body for the first few nights I’ve been sleeping grounded. Should I be concerned?
  I started sleeping on an earthing sheet and noticed that I feel warmer. What’s going on?
 I enjoy the feel of plush cotton sheets. Can I put the Earthing sheet underneath my regular sheet?
 Is it OK to use an Earthing sleeping product along with an electric blanket or on an electrically heated mattress pad or waterbed?
 I don't notice anything with my earthing product. What could be going on?
 How is it that earthing does so much for your health?
 Can earthing add years to my life?
 I use 'blood thinning' medication. Can I start earthing with no problems?
 Can earthing products be used by people with a pacemaker?
 Can earthing protect me from cell phone frequencies?
 How are earthing products different from therapeutic systems that stimulate the frequencies of the earth?
 Can I use an earthing product in bed with a magnetic mattress pad?
 Is the use of earthing products safe when used with an electric blanket, waterbed or hot water bottle?
 Is it safe for my cat or dog to come into contact with earthing products?
 Can I be struck by lightning through my earthing products?
 Can I use two earthing products and connect one to a ground rod and the other into a plug into a grounded outlet?
 Can I plug a homemade grounding wire into the ground port of a wall electrical outlet and wrap it around my ankle or wrist?
 Can earthing products electrocute me?
 Is it safe to plug my earthing product into the earthing adapter while there is also an ungrounded lamp or other appliance plugged in?
 Is there a safety risk being in contact with an earthing product while using an electrical or electronic device?
 Why do I feel a stinging or tingling in my hands when I’m working on my laptop and grounded?
 Do I need an electrician to install my earthing products at home or in my office?
 Does the voltage of my outlets matter?
 Can I use my earthing product anywhere in the world?
 Can I plug my earthing product into a surge protector or extension cord?
 What are the paying possibilities?
 When and how will my earthing products be delivered? What are the shipping costs?
 Is there a guarantee on my earthing product?
 What are the return conditions?
 What happens to my complaint?
 Privacy policy