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Earthing™ Mats

Home Earthing™ Mats
Reduce over 95% of the AC Voltage on your body while using the computer or watching TV using a universal Earthing mat!

Working at the computer with an earthing mat gives you less stress and helps you to work concentrated longer and being less exhausted at the end of the day.


The universal Earthing mat, Earthing Universal Mat is made of a conductive vinyl or rubber and will ground you while you work. 

In our house and in the office we continuously work in an electromagnetic field. Because of these rays we become electrically charged, tired and many people suffer from headache, concentration problems etc.
By placing an universal Earthing mat that has been connected to the earth under your keyboard and mouse, and making contact with this mat with your wrists or forearms, you immediately be electrically discharged and this connection with the earth will shield you from the electromagnetic radiation. Alternatively, you can also place universal Earthing mat on the earth to make contact with the earth with your bare feet while you are working

People who work in front of the computer grounded, report that they have fewer headaches and concentration problems, become less tired and are able to work better. Also some authors who previously could only write for a few hours, now report that they can work for a much longer duration behind their computers.

The universal Earthing mat is also ideal for watching TV or when you are just relaxing.

When frequently using the Earthing mat, it will help you to reduce complaints in a natural way and improve your self-healing ability.

The car mat is intended to reduce the formation of static electricity on the body during long car journeys. As a result you get less tired and have less sore muscles in your neck and shoulders.

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