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Being and staying healthy is a hot topic, as many people have ailments and diseases at an increasingly younger age. The chances of living a vital life until the end of life are reduced or at least life becomes less pleasant because of these ailments and diseases. In scientific circles, cumulative free radical damage, also known as oxidative stress, is seen as one of the main reasons for accelerating the aging process.

According to this theory, these free radicals cause aging in three ways:

1. By damaging DNA cells. During reproduction, a copy of the DNA cell is made that is damaged by free radicals, for example. This creates a new DNA cell that is not completely identical to the original cell before it was damaged. If this happens many times, then at some point you will get a DNA cell that is clearly different from the original DNA cell. This is one of the reasons for aging;

2. By harming the mitochondria, the energy producers within our cells;

3. By binding proteins together, which stops enzymes from working properly and causes the skin to wrinkle.

By earthing, the free radicals are provided for their need for free electrons, so that they no longer attack and damage healthy tissue or DNA cells, mitochondria or proteins, or at least slow down this process. Earthing will thus make a positive contribution to counteracting the aging process.

Again, the more you ground, the better the aging process will slow down the devastating damage done by free radicals!

Since earthing greatly reduces oxidative stress and inflammation, the immune system will be improved. For this reason too, it is to be expected that Earthing will increase life expectancy and improve health. So earthing appears to be a promising healthy ageing strategy.

The human body evolved in contact with the earth and needs this natural contact to function properly and to continue to function properly.

Dr. Perricone writes in his book “Forever Young” that inflammation is one of the main causes of accelerated aging. By reducing chronic inflammation, someone will age more slowly than someone with chronic inflammation.
It is known that chronic inflammation occurs more and more in our body as we get older. It is not yet clear exactly why this is the case. But we do know that as we get older we tend to have a higher degree of inflammation. This is generally the case, but may not always be the case.

Inflammation goes together with another degenerative process, namely oxidative stress, which is also known as the production of free radicals. We produce free radicals throughout the day, for example during the metabolism, through air pollution, through toxins in our body and through radiation. The body is designed to deal with these free radicals and to balance them and inflammation.

However, if our body becomes unbalanced towards too much inflammation, which leads to chronic inflammation, we then lose control of these free radicals and they become very destructive to our body.

What doctors and scientists are starting to discover is that as we get older, we are very likely to gradually build up toxins that we have been exposed to throughout our lives and are present almost everywhere in the environment.
These toxins building up in our body causes more inflammation and a higher production of free radicals. On the other hand, our body has less and less power to combat these negative effects. This is how the aging process develops.
And at the same time, other issues such as emotional stress, the level of inflammation and the production of free radicals also increase.

Reduce or eliminate external toxins, such as smoking, alcoholic beverages, too much sugar;
Eat more organically grown fresh fruits and vegetables that are high in antioxidants;
Earthing, because earthing neutralizes the free radicals and brings the stress level down!

From: ‘Earthing, the most important health discovery ever?’ the following excerpt, page 91:

‘Living longer and better

Anti-aging medicine involves the search for factors that can restore and maintain adequate energy resources and the circulation of vital energy throughout the body. This quest has been going on with humans throughout history. It’s nothing new.
Our research clearly shows that grounding has a powerful influence on the delicate balance between health and illness, and looming behind that, the prospect of living longer and better. This anti-aging prospect is clearly one of Earthing’s most attractive aspects.
The dominant theory of aging – the concept of free-radical oxidative damage to the body – was first proposed by Denham Harman, M.D., of the University of Nebraska in 1956. The idea here is that aging results from the cumulative damage to the body produced by free radicals. These molecules can damage DNA, leading to mutations and disease. They are formed by metabolic processes in mitochondria, the “power plants” inside cells, and can gradually harm mitochondrial functioning and energy production throughout the body. They cause cross-linking of proteins, chemical reactions that interfere with normal enzyme activity. This is what causes skin to wrinkle for example. There is no way to prevent the formation of free radicals, because every breath we take and every morsel of food we eat feeds the natural mitochondrial production of energy and free radicals as a byproduct. Because of the constant threat of free radicals, we are encouraged to eat foods rich in antioxidants.
The living matrix, as one of its main biological functions, is set up to protect tissues from free-radical damage. It represents a natural, built-in-antioxidant defense system. The matrix is all-pervasive, reaching into every corner of the body. If your matrix functions properly, and if you are connected to the Earth, any free radical formed anywhere in your body will be neutralized by mobile electrons from the Earth. This idea alone should motivate anyone to connect with the Earth as much as possible, day and night. By understanding that the living matrix is a conductive fabric extending throughout the body, and that grounding connects this system to the Earth and an infinite source of free electrons, one can see that earthing could prove to have far-reaching anti-aging, antioxidant, and anti-inflamm-aging effects. Long-term, controlled animal studies will enable us to verify or refute this profound hypothesis.
Research done in Germany has described the matrix in terms of a systemic reservoir of charges designed to maintain electrical balance and supply electrons in times of normal inflammatory need. Earthing provides recharging and keeps the reservoir full. Disconnection from the Earth dries up the reservoir.’

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