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Your immune system protects you from outside invaders, such as viruses and bacteria, and helps repair damaged tissue. If there is a problem somewhere in the body, white blood cells and other special cells rush to that spot, as an initial response.

Some of those cells then release free radicals, which help break down the invading microorganisms and damaged tissue. Free radicals are positively charged molecules (lacking one or more electrons), which are always looking for free electrons. Normally, they take these missing electrons away from the invaders and damaged tissue, killing these unwanted guests or breaking down the damaged cells to be disposed of.

This immune response is also called an inflammatory response and often produces the familiar symptoms of inflammation: swelling, warmth and pain, redness and, depending on the site, restriction of movement.

When this repair process comes to an end, the excess free radicals need to be neutralised by antioxidants or free electrons in the body. If there are too few free electrons, the free radicals can attack healthy tissue, which in turn triggers an immune response. Thus we enter a vicious cycle and chronic inflammation occurs, the cause of many contemporary chronic and autoimmune diseases and accelerated ageing.

Since the earth has an abundance of free electrons, earthing is the exquisite way to meet our body's need for free electrons. Thus, we can break the aforementioned vicious cycle.
The immune system can therefore be put back to where it is really needed.

Earthing also has a stabilising effect on cortisol release, the stress hormone.
This means the body is less stressed, which results in more energy for the immune system. After all, when the body is in stress, it goes into what is known as "flight or fight mode". All the energy is used to flee or fight and goes to the limbs and thus away from the centre of your body. There is less energy for the immune system, after all, in times of flight and or fight for your life, the functioning of your immune system is equally less important. But if the body is constantly under stress, there is constantly little energy for the immune system with all the negative consequences.

During the evolution of the human body, humans were always in contact with the earth. The human body needs this natural contact to function properly.

At night during sleep, when the body is most receptive to healing and recovery, is the best time to ground.The greatest advantages of earthing can be achieved by earthing at night on an earthing sheet, when the body is recovering. And if you want maximum earthing and therefore want to ground during the day too, you can additionally opt for an earthing mat (/made of fabric).