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Physical contact with the earth is easiest, by sleeping on an earthing undersheet with as much as 50% silver wire. You sleep deeper, you snore less and you wake up more rested.
Sleep is vital and helps everyone avoid very serious diseases for free.

Having sleep problems is a growing problem. Research on sleep behavior among the Dutch by the NSWO (Society for Sleep and Wake Research) shows that half of the Dutch are not satisfied with their sleep! One in three is tired during the day and one in five even takes a nap during the day.

It also appears that more and more children have problems sleeping. They are often very restless, have difficulty falling asleep and sleep poorly. Therapists who work extensively with children with sleep problems report that these children become markedly calmer, fall asleep more easily and sleep better once they start grounding. Sleeping grounded supports everybody's health, also for babies and children. 

Sleep recharges our body cells and repairs cellular damage sustained during the previous day. All muscles rest and receive more oxygen during deep sleep. Muscle tissues recover thanks to the natural growth hormone that also acts on our metabolism (metabolic rate).

Sleep also boosts our immunity. During sleep, more white blood cells and antibodies are produced. People who do not sleep enough have poorer immunity and are more susceptible to serious diseases.

And that while you sleep you receive the energy of the earth. Contact with the earth restores a natural state in the body and the healing qualities of the earth come to you throughout the night.

Contact with the earth helps the body restore its natural balance and rhythm and reduce stress and inflammation.

Human beings have several biological clocks, including the natural sleep-wake rhythm. Not only the light, but also the energy of the earth coordinates the cooperation between the various biological clocks that regulate the body's hormone balance.

The slow gentle rhythms of the earth's energy field are essential for maintaining these clocks.

An example is the day-night rhythm of the long-acting stress hormone cortisol, which is normalized when you sleep better thanks to grounding.
Here you can read more about the effect on cortisol levels when living grounded or not. 

Another example is the nocturnal release of melatonin. Melatonin is widely known as a sleep-promoting substance. Just as cortisol levels have their own natural course through day and night, melatonin normally peaks in the evening and night. Earthing restores the natural balance of release of melatonin, the sleep hormone. Such a normalizing influence is important because melatonin is a powerful antioxidant, an important protector of the brain that prevents loss of brain cells through self-destruction. With earthing, the rhythm of this hormone is also normalized.

Furthermore, most people sleep in an environment where there is continuous AC voltage on their bodies because they are surrounded by electrical lines, even if all appliances are turned off. By grounding, you discharge yourself of any static charge and get rid of more than 90% of the AC voltage on your body. So that means much less stress on your body!

This is the natural state for your body and so you can better unwind.

In addition, throughout the night the most potent antioxidants flow into your body in the form of free electrons, which reduce chronic inflammation.

Your immune system protects you from outside invaders, such as viruses and bacteria, and helps repair damaged tissue. When there is a problem somewhere in the body, white blood cells and other special cells rush to that spot as a first response. Some of those cells then release free radicals, which help break down the invading microorganisms and damaged tissue.

Free radicals are positively charged molecules (lacking in one or more electrons) that are always looking for free electrons. Normally, they take these missing electrons away from the invaders and damaged tissue and kill these unwanted guests or break down the damaged cells to be disposed of.

This immune response is also called an inflammatory response and often produces the familiar symptoms of inflammation: swelling, warmth and pain, redness and, depending on the site, a restriction of movement.

When this recovery process comes to an end, the excess free radicals must be neutralized by antioxidants or free electrons in the body. If there are too few free electrons, the free radicals can attack the healthy tissue, triggering an immune response. Thus we end up in a vicious circle and chronic inflammation develops.

And chronic inflammation is the main cause of almost all modern diseases, such as MS, rheumatism, fibromyalgia, intestinal disorders, kidney problems, chronic pain, diabetes, allergies, cardiovascular disease and sometimes even cancer.

At night during sleep, when the body is most receptive to healing and recovery, is the best time to ground.

And after purchasing and connecting the earthing undersheet, you don't have to do anything else for it, not think about it, it happens automatically. And it costs, after the initial purchase, nothing else, no money, no time, no effort and you don't even have to think about it anymore.

People who have been sleeping badly for a long time have often tried many things to improve sleep. With earthing, this quest ends, because earthing works naturally. 

We often get reactions from people, who wake up more rested, have less tired legs when getting up, fall asleep easier and sleep better. We regularly hear, "If only I had known this years earlier," "I never want to go to sleep without my earthing undersheet again," and "I take my earthing sheet with me wherever I go in the world."

Sometimes improvements happen already the first night, sometimes only after a longer period of time
Some people sleep better the first night they sleep grounded, and wake up more rested. For example, someone said that her husband snored and remained in bed for an hour after she got up. The night they first slept grounded, her husband had stopped snoring, and he immediately got up with her and said that he hadn't slept so well for years and could get up so easily.

Others say it improved much more slowly for them. Sometimes they don't notice, until after a few weeks they suddenly notice that for the first time they have not been worrying at night, but have actually slept.

Someone also said that she and her husband are sleeping better since they are lying on an earthing sheet, and because he sleeps much more peacefully and does not turn around in his sleep every time, she doesn’t wake up every time.
These are just a few responses. In this way everyone will experience it in his or her own way.

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world are already enjoying a better night's sleep, less stress and less pain, since they sleep grounded.
Earthing is already a household name there and people often buy an earthing sheet, because they have heard from someone they know how well it has helped.
It is clear that changes in sleep, stress, pain and balance and rhythm of the body become permanent if we ground on a regular basis for a long time.

You cannot direct the energy of the earth to a specific place in your body. Your body absorbs the natural healing energy of the earth and uses it where necessary. So you may experience improvements for certain problems, where you did not expect and, on the other hand, do not see changes (yet) in other parts of the body.

One of the first studies Clint Ober conducted was a study of 60 people with sleep problems, 30 of whom slept grounded and 30 ungrounded, without anyone knowing which group he belonged to. After 30 days, the results were compared between the grounded and the ungrounded group. The results were astounding. Those in the grounded group reported the following results:
85% fell asleep faster
93% said they slept better during the night
82% experienced a significant reduction in muscle stiffness
74% experienced elimination or reduction of chronic back pain and joint pain
100% reported feeling more rested upon standing up
78% reported improved overall health
In addition, several participants reported unexpected but clear improvement in asthmatic complaints, rheumatoid arthritis, high blood pressure, apnea and PMS.

Dr. Christie telling about why earthing is so good to sleep better
We receive a lot of enthusiastic responses from people who started sleeping  grounded and call after the first night to tell us that their partner no longer snores. This may not apply to everyone who sleeps grounded, but it is for the majority.
There are also several people who said that they had disconnected the earthing sheet during the night, after which their partner started snoring again within fifteen minutes. This only stopped after they reconnected the earthing sheet!
In the meantime, there have been so many positive reactions from people whose partners no longer snore, that earthing may prove to be one of the best ways to get rid of snoring. It is certainly the most natural way!

There have also been reports of people who suffered from apnea and whose symptoms decreased greatly after they started sleeping grounded.

In addition to sleeping on an earthing undersheet to reduce sleep problems, it can also be wise to tackle any bad habits, such as eating too late or too heavy at night, drinking coffee or alcohol, using the computer in the evening, working, watching movies in bed, stress and taking worries to bed and sleeping too much at irregular times.