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Unique! Silver Undersheet with 2 year warranty

Home Unique! Silver Undersheet with 2 year warranty
Earthing Nederland has the world's best and most environmentally friendly silver earthing undersheets.
We are the only ones to offer a 2-year warranty on the operation of the earthing undersheets - just follow the washing instructions!

You can choose from 5 different sizes. 

For a 1-person mattress, choose the universal earthing undersheet or the 1-person 90x210cm fitted sheet. 

For a double mattress, we have matching earthing undersheets in the form of a fitted sheet.
Measure the size of your mattress and then choose your size. 
These are the sizes: 
These earthing fitted undersheets have a 40cm wide tuck-in strip of organic cotton with elastic all around the conductive fabric. Very convenient if your mattress is, for example, 200cm wide and no thicker than 20cm: the size 180x210cm fits!

For a 2-person mattress, you can also choose the universal earthing undersheet. This sheet is a long piece of fabric consisting of a conductive part of 100x200cm. On the short sides are cotton tuck-in strips attached 70cm long. You lay the universal earthing undersheet widthwise on the 2 person bed. 
Or you choose 2 universal earthing undersheets and lay them side by side lengthwise on the double mattress. 

Complete your grounding experience with the sleepsets.
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If you have pain in your neck, shoulders or head, use an earthing pillowcase in addition to the earthing undersheet to ground your entire body. 

With the shielding sleepset, you lie in a low and high frequency radiation-free cocoon. 
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Because of the high amount of high quality silver thread (15 - 30 times more!) the Silver Undersheet can be put under your own fitted sheet. You are at least as well grounded as when you lie directly on a traditional earthing sheet (with only 3- 5% silver thread).
It also has a stronger antibacterial activity and a much better longevity!

Sleeping grounded reduces stress in the body, improves blood circulation, reduces chronic inflammation and improves sleep, to feel better and look better. 

Made from 50% of the finest French made silverthread and 50% tencel, produced in Austria from sustainably grown eucalyptus, they are extremely durable and long lasting. Tencel is one of the most environmentally friendly materials available.
We have made no compromises regarding quality and guarantee our silver undersheets for 2 years.​

See the page SLEEPING ON SILVER for the differences with traditional earthing sheets.