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Sleeping problems?
Sleeping on a Silver undersheet with 50% silver fibre helps you sleep more deeply, snore less and feel more refreshed in the morning.
Earthing Nederland has the best and most ecofriendly earthing sheet on the market and we are the only one in Europe to give a 2 year full warranty!

Stress,  not much energy?
Working at the computer with an earthing mat gives you less stress and helps you to work concentrated longer and being less exhausted at the end of the day

Earthing is the most natural way to improve your health and slow down the aging proces!

In 2016 Earthing Nederland introduced complete new earthing sheets, silver undersheets, that are the best available today. Made from 50% of the finest French made silverthread and 50% tencel, produced in Austria from sustainably grown eucalyptus, they are extremely durable and long lasting. Tencel is one of the most environmentally friendly materials available. We have made no compromises regarding quality and guarantee our sheets for 2 years. 

Because of the high amount of high quality silver thread (15 - 30 times more!) the Silver Undersheet can be put under your own fitted sheet. You are at least as well grounded as when you lay directly on a traditional earthing sheet (with only 3- 5% silver thread).
It also has a stronger antibacterial activity and a much better longevity!
See the page Sleeping On Silver for the differences with traditional earthing sheets.


is making physical contact with the earth to remedy your defeciency and improve your health, energy and sleep. It is simple and safe. Just take off your shoes and socks and place your bare feet on the earth and the healing starts automatically.

In our modern times, because we walk on shoes with rubber or plastic soles, we have insolated our homes and  we don't sleep on the floor anymore, this healing process isn't working anymore.It is one of the reasons of chronic inflammation, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, sleeping problems and auto immune diseases.

The human body has evolved while maintaining a direct physical connection with the Earth and needs this natural contact to function properly.

In America Clint Ober discovered a simple way to connect your body with the healing energy of the earth, while being indoors and while sleeping. 

Products have been developed that connect the body to the Earth in a simple and effective way, conductive sheets for in bed and mats for on a desk or on the floor, linked by wire to a ground rod outside your house or office or plugged into a wall outlet with a modern Earth system.
Earthing Nederland imports the Earthing products from the American company Barefoot Sales Corp., see These products are of high quality.


Our mission is promoting to connect with the energy of the Earth as a simple and natural way to create a healthier world.

Our mission also includes to distribute affordable product of good quality, so people can ground themselves effectively while indoors and during their sleep.

To thank the Earth for all what she is giving, Earthing Nederland will have a tree planted with every order via the Trees for All program. Earthing Nedeland has a contract with Trees for All.
For more information about this program see 

of all I see, of all I am feeling
Thank you for sharing your Earth
Reveal to us how to derive meaning
from nurturing your gifts of nature
Teach us how to heal within from touching
your beautiful Earth

Native American Prayer
Earthing reduces in a natural way:
     * inflammation,
     * pain,
     * stress,
     * sleeping problems,
     * snoring,
     * headaches
and improves:
     * blood flow
     * the immune system,
     * the energy level and
     * recovery from (sport) injuries and surgery

Earthing slows down the aging proces

protect you against the negative effects from Elektro Magnetic Fields (EMF)

products should never be used as a substitute for medical treatment. They serve solely to connect your body with the Earth’s energy. 
Research indicates that Earthing the body affects physiological functioning in a variety of ways. Because of this, we strongly recommend that any individual taking medication to thin the blood, regulate blood sugar, control blood pressure, or to supplement thyroid activity should consult with their doctor before using Earthing products, and then monitor the medication. An adjustment in medication may be necessary.


We ship your order CO2 neutral with parcel service DPD 





Certificate 2013
Earthing Nederland planted 1600 trees
 Trees for All

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